As an investor, I am always searching for potential real estates. So before I put my money in any property I always call San Diego Inspection. They are absolutely fabulous, as expected. As a result of their efforts, I have been able to eliminate several properties from our buying list which had issues at that time. Due to San Diego Inspection, everything is fixed! Thank you! You are the best!
Angela Hammack
I was recommended San Diego Inspectors by my colleague running an investment firm. I was given a cell phone number and I got in contact them. He answered right away on a Saturday morning and even scheduled my inspection for two days later! The inspection team came out on time and they did a very thorough inspection inside and out. I was very pleased with their work, their inspection report, and their overall demeanor and professionalism! I would definitely recommend San Diego Inspectors to others. I feel they went above and beyond
Alex M.
We had a very good experience with San Diego Inspector. They gave us a lot details while explaining his inspection on commercial building. They are very nice!
Melissa P