Property Condition Reports or PCRs help buyers understand the short term and long term financial investments necessary when evaluating a property for purchase. PCRs look at key building systems, building exteriors and interior finishes.

Investors seeking a loan for purchase of a new property may be required to have both a PCR and an Environmental Impact Assessment. These are necessary to help loan companies understand the current condition of a structure as well as improvements or repairs that will be needed immediately or in the near future that may affect the value or the financial worth of the property.

At San Diego Home Inspection we begin our PCR with a visual inspection of key components, interior status and exterior status. We document our findings with digital photography that is later included in our report. During the first phase of our inspection we identify areas that need maintenance now as well as the life expectancy of key components and how soon they may need to be repaired or replaced. We check not only the building exterior and painting, but also sidewalk finishes, asphalt condition and walkway entrances.

After we complete our visual inspection we begin our interviews of key personnel associated with the building. This may include building managers, employees and current owners of the building. We conduct our interviews discreetly in order to protect your interests before any type of paperwork is signed.

Our third step includes reviewing relevant documents associated with the building to verify information from our interviews as well as to ascertain the exact age of the building, when or if repairs have been done and what they entailed. We also look for any expansions, additions or upgrades to the building that may have an effect on property value as well as stability of the foundation. Our report includes any violations the building or current and past owners have been cited for, including fire code violations.

Once we have completed our inspection, we compile a comprehensive report of our findings. Photographic documentation accompanies the written report. We advise whether or not immediate repairs are needed for safety issues as well as longer range repairs and the extent of what is needed. These may include foundation or structural weaknesses and fire safety hazards such as blocked exits or lack of fire extinguishers. From top to bottom, we also make assess HVAC systems, roofing and more. We can be as detailed as your lender needs us to be. Most PCRs involve larger structural issues, however some require an inspection on every little detail of the building including handicap access, lighting, heating and more. We understand each commercial property purchase is different and we work to meet your needs.

Our proposals detail all the elements we inspect so there are no surprises. We use IBC (International Building Code) adopted codes.

Our expertise:
• Office and retail buildings
• Apartment and multi-family buildings
• Strip malls
• Motels
• Industrial buildings
• Multi-use buildings
• Homes, condos, townhomes

• Prompt service
• Courteous
• Knowledgeable
• Quality work delivered on time
• Confidentiality for all clients
• Continued training

What we cover:
• Electrical (including lighting, electrical equipment, timers, backup generators & transformers
• Mechanical
• Plumbing
• Moisture assessments
• Insect analysis regarding termites and other structure damaging insects
• Roof with forecasted roof repairs
• HVAC systems
• Windows & doors
• Water valves
• Building exterior/structure
• Backflow equipment
• Visual inspection of floors, walls & ceilings
• Potential liabilities
• Remaining useful life of major components
• Landscape inspection
• Parking areas, curbs and walkways and driveways
• Storm water drainage
• ADA accessibility
• Fire suppression systems

Our reports provide:
• Recommendations for maintenance
• Recommendations for upgrades
• Inspection & maintenance guides for owners
• Repair estimates
• Component replacement cost estimates
• Site maps, zoning maps, flood zone maps & area maps
• Photographic documentation of our findings
• Formal written report
• Upon request we can provide Capital Reserves Tables and Capital Expenditure Reports

We calculate our costs based on the size of the building and the extent of the details to be inspected.

For industrial buildings, in order to give the most accurate quote for work, we prefer to walk through the building prior to the inspection. If this is not possible, we will quote you based on the information you give us and will adjust the quote at the time of inspection if needed.

Most of our clients have been through the real estate purchasing process before and have high expectations of our work that we deliver on. We work with first time investors up to regional, national and multi-national corporations and industrial development agencies. Our due diligence commercial building inspections offer the information you need through clear, concise wording and photography.

Based out of San Diego, CA San Diego Home Inspection services the western and southwestern United States.