When San Diego Home Inspection inspects commercial properties, we focus on the structural integrity of a building. How does it perform? Is it sturdy? Is it about to fall apart? We understand your investment is a financial one. Our job is to ensure you make a decision based on as much factual information as we can provide.

Commercial and home inspectors are not required to perform any aspect of an inspection that may cause them harm. For example, if a roof is falling in, the inspector is not required to climb on that roof. Where we see safety issues arising, we will make note of it and include it in our report.

Our primary goal is to figure out how the systems and components of a building are operating. Are they functioning as they are supposed to? Are they compromised by age or excessive wear? Each of our reports includes written and photographic documentation for your records.

Below are the essential systems we inspect:
Our reports assess buildings from the ground up starting with the foundation. Is it cracked, crumbling or shifting? How is it anchored and braced? If not securely anchored is there a greater risk of damage during floods or earthquakes? Is the floor framing system structurally sound? Is there ventilation under the floors as required by law? What type of insulation was used? Is there an asbestos hazard?

Moving up the building, we check out the walls of the building, doors and windows from both the inside and out. Do the windows open? Do they open onto a fire escape route? Are there air leakage issues around the doors or windows? We look at decks, porches, patios and the like to make sure there is no wood rot, that the structures are securely anchored to the building and that they are sound.

Unless there is a safety hazard, we will climb on the roof to see how water drainage is set up, if there is water damage from leaks. How much life does the roof have before it needs to be replaced? Are there entry points for critters and other animals?

As far as the interior of the home, piping, electric and HVAC systems are all assessed. Fuel gas piping is a critical component to take a look at as gas leaks can have deadly consequences. Do faucets drip? Does the piping leak? If so, what other damage has been caused by that?

HVAC systems are inspected for lifespan. How old are they and how much longer will they potentially last? Replacing an HVAC system can be a major investment and something that should be considered before making an offer on a property. The same goes for water heaters.

We will test that lights work, that circuit boards are wired safely and do not pose a fire risk.
Our clients are our number one priority. We want you to fully understand any potential problems with an investment you are making. If you have questions about our commercial inspections or property condition assessments