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Tips For A Successful Home Inspection Business

yellowAfter performing over 8,000 home inspections at San Diego Home Inspection we have seen home inspection businesses grown and transform with the advent of new technology. We believe that there is a formula for a successful home inspection business.

Here is what we believe creates a successful home inspection business:

1. Customer service. Despite all the new technology that has developed over the past decade, the number one key to a successful business if taking care of your clients. Whether you live in a small town or a large city, word of mouth can make or break a business. We believe in treating our clients like we would our own family.

2. Accurate Reports. Our clients depend on our home inspection reports to help them negotiate a fair price for their home. Taking your time to ensure you have inspected every major element of the home thoroughly will help your client know what state the house is in.

3. Talk to your clients. Simply conducting a home inspection is not enough. Your client needs to understand what you find. We encourage home inspectors to take some time and go over their reports with their clients to clear up any questions or concerns they may have.

4. Use technology. Technology from infrared cameras to computers and the Square can help your business grow. You may need to test out different types of equipment and services before you find what works best for you but when you do your inspections will become more efficient and more beneficial to your clients.

5. Be professional. You may have worked with the same real estate agent for years, but we believe that maintaining a professional working relationship helps build respect for you and your business.

With any business we believe you should stay current on trends and technologies that can improve your home inspections. However, every good business relies on quality customer service and a quality product. These elements will help you succeed year after year.

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