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How Technology Has Improved Home Inspections


Not so long ago home inspectors visited houses with a pen and pad of paper in hand. As they inspected homes they jotted down notes about problem areas. Cameras with film were used to visually record problem areas in houses. Once the film was processed, with extra copies made, photographs were available to be included in reports. The process of conducting a home inspection, from visitation to completed report took much longer than it does today. Handwriting had to be deciphered and notes typed up. Today, technology has made conducting home inspections a much easier process that allows us to give our clients the best service we can with clear and concise reports that are easy to use.

Below are just a few ways technology has improved our home inspections.

1. Smart phones. When we are conducting an inspection, we don’t have to drag around cameras anymore, hoping we caught the image we needed. Smart phones let us photograph any problem areas we see and message them back to the office so they can be inputted into our report immediately.

2. Computers. Remember when there were no computers and people wrote reports on paper using carbon sheets to create copies? Today everything is computerized. Our reports are typed so they are easy to read and backups stored on our server to so we can refer back to our reports whenever needed.

3. Proprietary technology. At San Diego Home Inspection we have proprietary technology that allows us to inspect second story roofs without having to hire a roofing professional to come out. This reduces costs to our clients and allows us to complete our work in a much more timely manner.

4. Infrared cameras help us see through walls. With this technology we can spot electrical problems that would otherwise be hidden as well as detect moisture behind walls that could signal leaks.

5. Email. Snail mail or personal delivery used to be the only two options for delivering a home inspection report. Today, with a simple push of a button, our reports reach our clients the minute they are complete.

It’s easy to take technology for granted. We have so much available to us at our fingertips but at San Diego Home Inspection we remember the past and are grateful that technology is helping us do a better, more efficient job for our clients. If you are buying a home, be sure to call us today.

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