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How To Find The Best Home Inspector In San Diego


Do you need a home inspection done on a property, home or commercial building and are wondering who to hire? Where do you even start? Below are a few tips for finding the best home inspectors in the business.

1. Do a Google Search. Seems pretty basic, but there is a reason why some businesses show up on the first page of Google and others don’t. Businesses that offer relevant services and have the best reputations, reviews and rankings tend to show up on the first page of Google.

2. What does the website look like? You can tell a lot about how a business operates by the look and feel of their website. Is it cluttered, hard to navigate? That may indicate someone who is a little scattered in his or her business practices.

3. Contact at least three companies. We recommend speaking to three different companies to find a home inspector who understands your needs, works within a reasonable budget and who you want to work with.

4. Ask questions. A home inspector’s job goes beyond doing an inspection. His or her job is to be able to answer the questions you have about the home as well as report back to you in a clear and concise manner what the concerns are with the property.

5. Understand that home inspectors inspect. Part of the job of the home inspector is to identify problems. It is not their job to fix any of those problems, nor should they recommend specific companies unless you ask for their advice. You don’t want a home inspector who is pushing their friend’s business on you. A home inspector may say something like. “We are concerned about shingles missing on the roof. We recommend you hire a roofing specialist to investigate further.”

6. Check review sites like Yelp and Google reviews. How many stars does the company get? What are people saying about them? Remember, people tend to post reviews when they are either very happy or very unhappy with their service. If there are 500 reviews and 5 are unhappy, it’s probably a pretty good company.

When looking for the best home inspector in San Diego use the tools available to you. Ask your realtor if they can recommend a home inspector, or ask if they have heard of a home inspector you want to work with. Check reviews, peruse websites and invest a little time into finding the best so you can feel safe in the assessment of your new home.

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