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Commercial Inspections and Home Inspections


There are similarities and differences between a home inspection and a commercial inspection. If you are buying a new home you want to make sure you hire a home inspector. If you are buying a commercial property, you want to hire a commercial inspector. That may seem pretty basic, but each type of inspection requires different skills. Some inspectors, like San Diego Home Inspector offer both types of services. We have received special training in order to be able to perform inspections on corporate buildings, apartments buildings, condos, houses and more.

Below are a few of the differences between the types of inspections.

When we inspect a home we take a detailed look at all of the major aspects of the home – the roof, the foundation, the electric, the plumbing, if floors are level or not and more. We check all the lights fixtures and faucets in the home. We look for insect infestations such as wasps, termites, squirrels and more.

With a commercial inspection we are looking at a much larger picture. We are inspecting the HVAC systems to determine how much life they have left in them before they need to be replaced. Depending on our client, we also conduct environmental assessments where we assess soil quality, water quality around the building and conduct interviews and inspections on surrounding properties to assess how the surrounding environment may affect the property.

Our Property Condition Reports note what type of repair work may be needed and if it’s within our realm, we estimate how much that may cost. We look at how water drains on the site, both from the building and on the grounds. We inspect sidewalks, landscaping, walkways and pavement around the building. We estimate replacement and repair costs of immediate problems such as hazardous conditions or materials, components or systems that pose a threat or appear to be in poor working condition. Replacement Reserves are also estimated and these are costs for things that will likely need to be replaced in the future, such as roofs, asphalt for parking lots, appliances and so on.

Buying a home and buying a commercial property are both substantial financial investments. At San Diego Home Inspector we offer detailed, professional inspections. Our goal is to ensure our clients know exactly what they are buying when they purchase a property. Be sure when looking at a property you choose an inspector who is qualified to inspect the property with experience, a credible website and positive reviews of their work.

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