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Our objective: To consistently provide due diligence commercial and industrial inspection services that make a positive impact on the neighborhood and community.

What we do: Based out of San Diego, CA we service clients nationwide. Our inspectors believe in quality inspections not the quantity of inspections. We are discreet and precise with our services to deliver the information you need to decide on your offer. This means a deliberate and non-hurried walk through, utilizing the most recent specialized inspection equipment. Our primary aim is to support our clients in generating an informed choice by recording the current condition of the property and identifying material defects, life expectancy of systems and projecting future costs. Most problems generally fall in to four categories:  safety hazards, structure, moisture intrusion, and electrical/mechanical systems.

Customer Service: We go the extra mile for our customers. Our knowledgeable staff is available for any questions or concerns you might have.

Inspectors: At the moment all of San Diego Home Inspection’s inspectors are licensed general contractors with decades of True construction experience in developing, renovating, and remodeling commercial properties and homes. Though a lot of of the functions for performing a quality commercial or industrial inspection can be learned from a book or training course, nothing compares to decades of knowledge from within the construction field.

Attitude: We promote a high quality service and supply information that may trigger our clients to walk away from a pending purchase. However, we discover that most of the time price reductions or repairs are usually negotiated from the sellers. Regardless of what the outcome may be, we pride ourselves in delivering a friendly and trustworthy attitude to each appointment.

Inspection Report: Over the years we have received many compliments (from clients and real estate agents) on our inspection reports. Our reporting format is a simple to read laptop or computer generated report with action item photos included. We additionally contain a handy summary section of action items in the beginning of the report.  Please click on our sample report or we can send you a sample inspection report.

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